Friday, October 5, 2012

...i am not the cool mom...

I realize there is a role I often play.
It is the "not cool" role!!
And I am now playing that at my kiddos school.
Maybe if you have kids in school you know what I mean?
Mom's get together, and it just seem like comparison abounds.
Its not said out loud, but its in the air.
Who's wearing cute stuff, who's hair is just right, who has the best house.
Who's kid is smart, does well in sports, is musical.
And the one that gets me the most... who has the most spectacular birthday parties.

Ok, I realize I am sounding judgey.
I apologize.
But I am judgey.
Not to the Mom's.
Not to the people.
But I do judge the spirit of comparison.
How it robs us of security.
It keeps us from real friendships.
It stops us from opening up, being ourselves.
It puts so much pressure on us, when the last thing we need is more pressure.
It keeps us from being free.

So I'm  not going to play.
I will run to drop him off in my sweats and messy hair.
I will wear whatever I need to wear, and make an effort when I feel like it but only because I feel like it.
I will not get into the flow of one-upping.
I will care about other Mom's, and help them to shine.
I will love on the "sporty" mom who thinks she has to know every NFL score and baseball players name.
I will love the "perfect" mom for her heart, and not let her appearance impact me one way or the other.
I will talk to the shy mom, who may often be mistaken for snooty and stuck up.
I will try a hug on the stand-off-ish mom, just to see if she really is.
I will talk about my struggles, my failures, my hatred of birthday party pressure.
I will do my best to be real.
I will be un-cool.

Wanna be un-cool with me??

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