Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Ok wedding #3 is coming up!!
This weekend!!

I am excited.  But this wedding is again proving how I operate.

-  I have the dress and shoes BUT I am delaying trying dress on again. 
    Thus I am constantly plagued with unfounded (I hope) fear that it won't fit now.
-  I have to figure out what to do with hair style.  doh.
-  I wanted to get hair colored... now I may have to do myself.
-  I had big ideas for fun presents... and now will have to give them to them later.

Why o why am I such a procrastinator??

I could blame having 3 littles.
But I 've been this way my whole life.
I could blame the fact its fall, and fall is so busy.
But I had plenty of time to plan.
I could blame... myself.
And that would be right!
But why blame? 
Instead, live and learn.

So.....  now through Saturday will be filled with WEDDING!!

My fun bride-to-be-friend posted this today to us bridesmaids today:

"Just so you realize...your lives could be MUCH worse. Now, get back to scanning my Pinterest board, constantly checking your phones for my calls & then when you see I haven't called you call me to see if I am okay, facebook stalking me... NOW!"

I better get going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cutest couple EVER!!
soon to be
Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right\

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