Friday, June 29, 2012

...high five...


If you've read the past couple posts,  you know the Olympic Trials are in town!
And we (I) have been consumed by them.
So so so inspiring!!

So I think my High 5s for this week probably all rotate around this subject!!

1.  Race Time!!
 Oregon Track Club did a free race for kiddos.
On Hayward Field!
So fun.
Here's a pic of my sweet littles, runnin where Ashton Easton just did!

2.  Thankful for Nike.
Sound cheesey?
As a runner-type, I love their clothes.
They make running fun....
and check out their new shoes
(which are WAY BRIGHTER in person!!)

3.  Ice Cream!!
And mustaches!!

4.  Inspiring People
Sarah Hall and Lolo Jones are on the top of my list this week.
They are an example of dedication, pushing to the limit
Using gifts God gave you
While still representing what you believe and being real.
Go Girls Go!!

5.  Thankful for my inspiring little guys!
Here's 2 of them, just being themselves!!

Go out there and run or walk or take a drive.
Do something new.
Do something you love.
Lets all start creating our 5 great things for next weeks list, ey!!!!

Check out Lauren's blog at From My Grey Desk
to add your High 5s and see hundreds of others.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

...runners with style...

So today's runner with the most style goes to....

Evan Jager!!

Come on!

He is rocking that hair!!!!!

He also rocked the Steeplechase today at the Olympic Trials, and is headed to London!!!!!

Good job Evan.

Don't ever cut that hair!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

...TrackTown USA...

Yes, o yes...  I love living in TrackTown USA.

A.K.A.  Eugene, Oregon.

I often take it foregranted... the great running trails, the abundance of folks who run, the shoes/gear/advice/teams/coaching/races that are available.

But during the trials its impossible not to be aware of TrackTown.

Billboards everywhere, runners everywhere, everyone athlete profiling (they look fit - are they a famous athlete??) 

We got to go to All-comers meet today, and the boys got to run on Hayward Field.  After watching Ashton Eaton and all the other awesome athletes run on it all week.  Talk about exciting!!!!!! 

So thank you Eugene, UofO, Pre, Nike, and everyone who put Eugene on the map.  So glad I live here!!

And just for fun, me being silly with cut-out of the famous Ashton.....

Go U.S.A.!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

...simply inspiring...

Congrats to Ashton Eaton.
Set a new World Record in the Olympic Trials today.
Did I tell you I love living in Track Town, USA??!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

...high five for friday...

!!!!!!!!!!!  HIGH FIVE  !!!!!!!!!!!

What a week!
Here are my HIGH 5s, in no particular order...

1.  My washing machine. 
Because a friend and I talked about what life would be like without it. 
2.  My Kindle. 
I am attached to this thing.  \
And I am not adding to my PILES of books
I already don't have enough room for.

 3.  TEXTING. 
How did we live without this?
4.  Tabata!  And Jon, our instructor. 
Without his inspiration, I would be a much flabbier, less energetic girl!!

5.  My snuggly boys!
Here's a shot of one of them now.
Ahhhh!!!  They make everything fun!!

Link up to see more High 5s and add your own

Wednesday, June 20, 2012





Notice how you type or say a word several times, and it starts to look/sound weird??  Try it with WATER.  Like how come its not pronounced with a long A?  Like waiter?  Nope.  Its wah-ter.

I am dwelling on water... because I want to start drinking it.  More of it.  Enough of it.  I think I have been dehydrated my whole life.  And used to it.

So I asked myself: 
What would it be like to be hydrated? 
With my little cells having enough water? 
With my whole body not in a drought? 
Will I lose weight? 
Will my thyroid be happier? 
Will I feel fuller? 
Will my skin get better? 
Could it impact my energy level in a positive way? 
Will I notice during my workouts? 
Will I live longer?

Even 1 of these things would make it worth it.  What's the hold up???

So I am adding that to my 40 days.  Forty days to declutter....  while creating a habit of hydration!! 

I'll drink to that!!!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

...40 days from clutter to organized...


So, I just came up with the idea Saturday.  Started officially yesterday.

40 days.

Goal is having things relatively clean, organized, and manageable in 40 days.

40 days.

Focus, dig in, pray for revelation and Divine intervention, and go for it.

40 days.

Bite size chunk a day.  Pressure off of being all done in one day.  Every day, do something.

40 days.

Long enough to also implement routines, change habits, create a new environment.

40 days.

And its day 2.

Yesterday was Day 1.  It was also Father's Day and I had gotten 3 hours of sleep night before.  So I did the basics.  Garbage, clothes, dishes, toys.  Though I kind of didn't get to the toys!

But this was just the standard, that will keep it "status-quo" and status-quo ain't cutting it!!

So Day 2!   We went to store, got some shelves that will help in the bedroom.  (So many clothes, so little closet space...) and time for the youngest 2 to get into naps.

And instead of taking a nap myself (was up at 4:45am for my tabata class) or getting a game going or reading a book....  I'm gonna pray and see what to tackle today. 

I think its clothes.  Getting shelves together, getting laundry caught up, and then organizing our room.  At end of day should be: everything either has a place or is out of here!!!  (my sis loves it when I tackle the pile of clothes, because she gets to go through my give-aways first!) 

So I'm off.

Day 2. 

40 Days.

38 to go.

I'm coming for you!! full of boys...

Yep, here is my crazy family!!

All boy, all the time!!

Being the only girl in the house, you'd think I'd be the princess... with unlimited time to the bathroom, and always being pampered and spoiled.

Well, there is some of that.  But mostly... not!

My wise sis (she's only 3 years older, but she had her kids early and I had mine late) has 3 boys as well.  Her 2 oldest have moved out already, and she had some sage advise.... 

She said, if she could do it again, she's make sure she did more girl stuff.  Not to pigeon-hole the sexes, but there are differences.  And its so easy to get in the whirlwind of superheroes, wrestling, and no pink.  Of no one else worried about getting ready, needing time to do their hair, or putting importance into shopping.

I'm not a girly-girl.   I bet God knew what family I was gonna end up with!  But I thought that was good advice... both for me to get to be girly on occasion - and I think someday the boys' wives will thank me for it!!!! 

Anyways, so thankful for my boys and all of their bug, dirt, energy sweetness!
I sure love them all!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

...Dad's Day...

Yay for Dad's Day!!

Love the chance to stop and think
how blessed I am to have my hubby!

He is seriously an awesome Dad.

And its fun to have a weekend to spoil him!!

And he gets spoiled by getting to do his fav things.
Bike rides and taking his canoe out!

We go the bike riding in yesterday.
And today he's out on the canoe!!

And thankful for my Dad too...
here's a pic from something like 25 years ago!!
Yay Dad.
Love you so!!

Happy Dad's day to all your wonderful Dad's!

Saturday, June 16, 2012


This is not my house... but it could be.  Really.

Every room.

I am drowning in clutter.
Talk about a joy-killer!

I have never been organized.  Or, I guess, I am one of those cluttered-organized persons.  When its just me and my stuff, everything looks like a disaster but at least I know where each and every thing is.  So it works.  Kinda.

But add a husband who is also a pack-rat and not organized, and 3 boys (5 and under)... and HELP I AM DROWNING!!

Long story short, we bought our house right before we got married.  I moved in until the wedding...

But the house was pink, and trashed.  The previous owner had literally gutted it and then died.  (Hopefully he's in heaven in a totally remodeled beautiful home now!)

So the good news was we were able to get a contractor guy who refinished walls, did the floor and doors, ceilings, everything.... and put it back together.  Bad news is that took many months.  So I had to move in, but couldn't really move in.  Then I worked 50+ hours a week and was finishing planning a wedding, got married, had a baby 10 months later, and 2 more in the next 3 years.  (O, quit my job in there right before the 1st baby came...  so if you're a working mama, I give you praise - I can't keep this place organized when its my full-time job, so i have no idear how you do it!!!  Holah to you!!!!!)

But what is missing in this moving into our house story???  NEVER DID WE GET SETTLED.  We just piled.  And then moved piles around.  And now there are just piles everywhere.  EVERYWHERE.

And its just gotten worse.  And worse.

So what am I saying?  Clutter is driving me mad.  Its stealing my joy, my time with friends (wouldn't dream of having anyone over), stealing my time with my boys.....  its GOTTA GO!

I see funny pinterest signs saying:  "I was going to clean my house, but then I watched Hoarders instead."  Its not funny to me...  I relate to the hoarders!!

Ok, its not that bad.  But in 5 more years, at this rate, we will be on that show!
(That actually would be cool.)

Sooooo am I just whining in this post?  YES!  Yes, I am.

I know there must be others who relate.  But I look up blogs called "Messy Whatever" and they show beautiful, decorated homes with like a toy on the floor and a dish in the sink.  Come on people!!!!  Really??

I signed up for flylady.  Love her posts.  I read them - haven't done much else, but I have read them.   And I bought some of their tools.  That are in a pile somewhere now...!  Doh!!

Lately, I have been praying and declaring ORDER throughout the house. 

I actually told my hubby that I think my house to some extent represents my spiritual orderliness...  this has been a season where God is stripping things, and putting me back together based one who I really am and my value in Him. 

Well, I believe I need to mirror that in my house...  strip it down to basics and let it reflect who we are.  Peaceful, restful, welcoming.

And heck, maybe God will throw a miracle in there and I will be struck by a lightening bolt of hospitality!!!!!  Stranger things have happened!!

Now I just gotta take the first step.

Jump off the cliff.

Dive in.

Whats my inspiration?  I'll let you know when I find it.....

But I think maybe it has something to do with another 40 days. 

If you read my first few blog posts here, me writing these started with me saying I'd do this for 40 days.  I also talked about how cool I think that 40 day period is... "significant" you could say.

So 40 days... to pray and focus and push up my sleeves and take a billion trips to Good Will and clean and organize.  And we'll see where I end up...  I'll let you know!!!!

And I am gonna start tomorrow! 

Don't laugh...  I really will!!!...............

Friday, June 15, 2012

...High Five for Friday...


High 5s were mixed with Low 5s this week...
But that's why I love this Friday High 5s!!
Choosing to focus on the positive!!

1.  Schooooooool's out for the summer!!!!!!
My 5 year old's last day of school...
He had a super time, made super friends, and will never forget it.
And I am happy to have him all to myself all summer...

2.  Worries.
No, I am actually not thankful for worries.
But I am able to appreciate that this super tough season
we are in has helped mold me/grow me/shape me. 
And its made me thankful for quietness, rest, and Matthew 6.
Its less about wanting NO WORRIES in life
and more about learning to keep my eyes on whats important.

3.  The Tub.
Anyone else a bath-taker???
A bath tends to help me keep focused and relaxed...
and its funny how often God and I have really good talks here. 
(Maybe because its the only place I am sometimes alone!!) 

4.  The Smell of Coffee.
When all else fails, nothing calms me down more
than a whiff of this liquid heaven!! 
Thank God for Coffee!!! 

5.  My sweet cats!
This is Boss, hanging with the boys as they enjoy the tub!!
We also have sweet Miss Munch
(who I do not enjoy nor love as much as Boss, but please don't tell her.)
My cats have taken a far back seat since the boys came along,
but they are still near and dear and I am thankful for them...
though when they take sweet trip to heaven I will be ready to be cat-free.
(Again, don't tell.  Its not because I don't love them.
I know if you have 3 boys 5 and under in your house, you can relate!!)
Well, High 5s are always a good time!!
Go out and make some memories for next weeks list!!

(Thanks again to Lauren @  From My Grey Desk for letting me link up!!)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Anyone else get inspired by reading other blogs??

I sure do!! 

I love seeing what others are passionate about, what they are working through, how they are enjoying life, what they have accomplished.

I did find out that it doesn't necessarily rub off.  For 2 afternoons in a row I've thought "I'll get inspired by organizing blogs, and then tackle my house!"

Well, I found several AWESOME organizing blogs.  So great, in fact, that I ended up reading them all afternoon.  And got NADA done.

O well.  It was fun anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My favorite lately are:

Lauren @ From My Grey Desk
Kate @ The Small Things Blog
Vicki Norris @ Restoring Order Reclaim Your Life
Kelle @ Enjoying the Small Thing

And this is more of a weight loss/health blog but she is cracking me up lately!!
You can read her blog at Mama Laughlin.

So, today, instead of using this hour to start the ol' chores I have successfully spent it now typing about these inspiring blogs!  See, they are inspiring.  Ha!

(...if you're a mom of littles you know I also spent this hour refilling bowls of oatmeal, cleaning an oatmeal spill, wiping off berry covered mouths and fingers, working through 2 toddler-brawls to find a happy compromise, and starting winnie-the-pooh for after-breakfast rest time....  so never really a dull moment!!)

I think the best thing about blogs for moms like me is that I LOVE being with people, and reading these blogs lets me feel like I'm connecting to some AWESOME women without even leaving my house!!

So THANKS bloggers, for the inspiration!!  Keep it up!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012 kinda day...

...and I need a transfusion!!!

I have made 2 cups myself,
and my hubby ran to the store and is buying me one on his way back. 
(He knows the way to my heart!!) 

Its a coffee kind of day!! 


Friday, June 1, 2012

...high five for friday...


Its the end of a week.
This one ZOOMED by.
I had so many plans, and not so many got accomplished.
O well!
Lets talk about my Friday High 5....

1.  Thankful for journaling! 
I have done this off and on, usually getting a new journal and making one entry and then losing the thing!!  But lately I have glimpses for what journaling regularly would be like, and I love it!! 
Try it!

2.  On a lighter note, I have started enjoying painting my fingernails!  And this is a life saver....

\And this week I have had the songs stuck in my head every time I turn around.  Might be because one is my ring tone for my sis!

4.  ALWAYS my boys are a highlight of the week! 
\Here's the little 2 enjoying push-ups in the SUNSHINE!!!!!!
They teach me how to enjoy life!!

5.  And #5 is for Zany Zoo...
a local pet shop/animal zoo place that is amazing!
We know the owners and have lived by it for years
but for some reason this was my first visit. 
Big turtles, bigger snakes, skunks, an alligator named Tinkerbell... 
they had it all!!  We will be back!!

Well, thanks for high 5ing me and if you link onto Lauren's
page than I will high 5 you back as I read your post!!

Have a great weekend!!