Tuesday, August 28, 2012


This just in....

Frog has been caught.

I repeat...

Frog has been caught!

If you didn't catch my earlier post, here's what happened:

Basically, big giant frog escaped his cage and has
been roaming the halls of our house for 2 days.

That's where my husband found him...
roaming the hallway.

Can I say that I am sooooo glad my hubby found him and not me??

And I am also so glad Mr. Frog is out
swimming in a pond
far far away.
Happily ever after.

And the adventure of the frog comes to an END.
Thank goodness.


I have been to San Antonio, but this time I'm headed to Dallas.
One of my best life-long friends is tying the knot.
I am excited.
And in 2 days, I am heading to the lone star state!!

I was thinking of all the stereotypes...

big hair
y'all, y'all

It will be fun!
And *HOT* with 100+ degree weather in the forecast.
(Fun and hot weather are my favorites, so works for me!!)

Isn't this cute!!??
We won't be wearing boots - though I kinda wish we were!
(picture from intimateweddings.com)

Monday, August 27, 2012

...guess what is on the loose...

My nephew caught a bullfrog
for a friend of ours,
and we agreed to hang onto it
until they could pick it up.






Sunday, August 26, 2012

...new fav shirt...

***new favorite shirt***
my friend gave me this
she knows me well!!

...running a long long ways...

Today in Eugene its the Women's Half Marathon.

A very fun race, that has a huge turn out.
(Some men run it too, no discrimination in Eugene!)

I ran it 2 years ago.
Was my first long race after my baby marathon (3 boys in 4 years.)
And it was good to have a goal,
complete something that big,
have the motivation to get that many miles in.

But this morning...

I am just glad I'm not running it!!

Maybe someday I'll do a half marathon again.
I've done 2.
(I used to say I wanted to do at least one whole marathon, but I don't feel that way anymore!)

Its good to have a goal.
Something to work towards.
Something to accomplish.

But the hours you have to put in,
the not running because you want to but because you HAVE to,
the potential for injury,
the pressure of the training schedule...
Its just not for me, right now.

Again, its probably about seasons.
Running is my time, time alone, therapy, relaxing, de-stressing, decompressing, and its NEEDED.
But running that many hours a week is not an option.
Its too much right now.

So it feels good to acknowledge that.

And to be able to wake up,
be happy for my friends who are right now probably nearing the 2 hour mark of their run,
and to know that someday that may be me,
but its not today,
and that's ok!!

Happy Running!!

Saturday, August 25, 2012


buhleedat foo!

ok, saw that somewhere.  urban dictionary says it means "believe that."
for some reason, i like gangsta talk.  did i mention that before?
i will often throw in a true dat, fo' sho', or sign off with an OUT!

i'm always on the lookout. 

cheesy?  yes.  old lady trying to be cool?  nah.  i just like it.


Friday, August 24, 2012



...thankful for so much...

1.  Doesn't get better than Greek God's Yogurt - delish!
2.  I found my dresses for the weddings!  ta da!  (Now to get rid of tan lines...)
3.  Audrey at puttingmetogether.com - love her style and attitude and look!
4.  My handsome man - in his little ring-dude outfit!
5.  And little man #2 right after he caught his very first fish!!

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

...come on over...

Ok, back to beating the dead horse... of organization.  kind of.

(maybe I should quit typing and start organizing?  hey - be nice!)

thinking today...  i wanna be the kind of person that gets the response:

"come on over!"

here's the thoughts behind that....
the last, let's say 6 years, my house has been in various states of chaos.
does that correspond to when my first was born?  why yes, yes it does!

so for six years i have dreaded people dropping in.
with warning (preferably at least a day) i can be ready.
not perfect, but back to a state of chaos that is acceptable to me.
but drop ins make my tummy hurt!

and truly, i am not an overly done up person.
i am not a perfectionist.
in fact, i would rather have a not-so-done-up-lived-in-house
for the simple fact that i don't want to be about performance.
but i have a limit that is acceptable (we probably all do) and for most of the time
this house is crossing that line.
i think my range is somewhere between cluttered-lived-in all the way to diapers-on-floor-dirty-dirty.
when it gets in the dirty range, something has gotta happen and i don't want no one seeing that.

but there are a few people in my life who i don't care.
1.)  they've seen it before.  and they lived.  and i lived.
2.)  they know and love me.  messy and all.
3.)  i know from their lives that i am important to them, period.

and that's who i wanna be.
i want my friends to know they can call me if they need help
or company
or whatever.
that if i'm dropping by to pick something up, they don't have to panic and stash and cram.
that they are just relaxed,
i come in without knocking,
and either slide a pile over a sit down
or sit together and fold/put away/wash while we chat.

i want that in a physical sense - but also in a spiritual/relational sense.

i want people around me to know they don't have to be put together, or look polished, with me.
that they can be themselves - cluttered, dirty, broken sometimes - and I can come over.
without knocking.
see things as they are.
know its not always this way, not judge, and either sit with them or help with the clean up.
and i wanna be able to do the same.

I think that is real relationship.
And that, to me, is way more important than a clean house.
(sorry house.)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

...scarves for dummies...

Scarves For Dummies.
How to Roll Up Your Jeans For Dummies.
Which Type of Blazer is Cool for Dummies.
What to Wear and What not to Wear When You're Almost 40 for Dummies.

Guess who the dummy is here?! 

Yours truly!!

And I'll say it without shame.

Being a stay-at-home-type-mom and on a church break and with 3 tiny boys...

A.)  I don't get out much.
B.)  When I do, its the grocery store.

So how's a girl supposed to get some style?
Some days, the question is more like:  When's a girl ever gonna get dressed in more than sweats?


I may have to investigate some fashion blogs.
Thankful for my online community that fills the gap, during this season.

(So if anyone knows things like the right and wrong way to wear a scarf, fill me in!!)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Ok, I feel better.

And believe it or not, I didn't even use other words over here for real.
I really just said

But with MUCH passion and feeling.

Because if you've ready my blog long
you've read....

"O, sigh, its time to get organized."
"I think I'll get organized."
"O, maybe this week I'll get organized."
"I'm gonna take 40 days and get organized."
"I'm thinking of becoming a minimalist."
"No, I mean it this time - I'm getting organized."
"I wish I were organized."
"I'm going to start getting organized."


(hope my blankety-ies aren't offending you - I'm just not much of a cusser.)

So today I spent
3 hrs
tttttttttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeee hhhhhhhhhooooooooouuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrssssss
yes, three hours
searching for my son's birth certificate to get him registered for school


thanks for asking.

I think the saying is right.
You CAN'T organize clutter.
I try.
And I try.
And I try some more.
I will add:
You can't organize clutter
*especially* when you have 3 little boys in the mix!!!!!

So yes, I give myself grace.
But come on!!!!!
Enough is enough.
What's it gonna take????
I gotta do something!!
This is blankety-blank crazy.

(If you are a minimalist, PUH-LEEZE I am begging you, rub off on me!!!!)

Monday, August 20, 2012

...the kid is growing up before my eyes...

O gosh.
It hit me.
My oldest little guy is going to Kindergarten.
(or is it Kindergarden?  I think its with a t?  I should figure that out.)
Let's call it Kinder!!

Entering "school."
Entering the next 13 years that will be such a big part of his childhood.
Starting the growing/independent/becoming the person he will be phase.


Its funny with a first kiddo too.
I see how once you have a kid in school, the next ones are old hat.
You know the school, you know the process.
You know whats important, what to expect, what to prepare for.

With this first one, its all new baby.

He is going to a public school...
We kinda wrestled with that.

He did a private Montessori school last year for pre-K
and we L+O+V+E+D it.
The philosophy of learning, the environment, shared values with everyone.
Was goooood.
But it closed due to funding. 
What a bummer!

So we prayed and explored going to another private options.
But our funds are limited, and private schools are spendy.
And that combined with the fact this little school is the smallest school in district,
and located outside of town in country setting on beautiful rolling green hills
and we got lots of feedback from other family members and friends who have had kids there
and some of his classmates from last year are going to last here too
and after lots of prayer, this all combined to give us a peace about this school.

Already thinking about FALL.
Already getting ready for school and schedule and organization (the hope of organization!)


Can I call a TIME OUT and sit in August a few more months please???????????

Sunday, August 19, 2012

...church on the run...

So we are in a weird transition season.
And I think its right where we are supposed to be.
But only for a season.

We had both been attending a church for 12+ years.
Since last September though, we have been on a break.

I believe there is real purpose in this break.
I believe where we are with the boys, with each other, with God
that we are focusing on being together, as a family.
God is also doing some huge things in my hubby and my hearts.

And I believe it is only for a season.
I misssssssssssssssss church.
I miss community.
I miss being involved, getting fed, giving and serving.
But I am also excited.
Excited for what God is doing in this season.
But way more excited about where He will lead us.
Where He will plug us in.
Who our community will be.
How He's growing us, our relationship with Him, healing us to be ready to jump in!

During this season though I have learned a lot about myself.
About church too.
How it really isn't a building, or being on a certain schedule.

I do Church on the Run.
Every Sunday, I go on a run with God.
I usually listen to a message, usually from a podcast from either Bethel or Exp58.
And run and hear Him and get connected and filled up.

So though I believe in meeting together.
And I want that again.
I also believe in seasons.
And that God talks to each one of us.
And He meets us where we are.
And He has different plans.
And it is not our job to monitor each other.
Maybe He's telling you to go to church 3 times a week and not to miss.
And that is awesome, and the season you are in.
And maybe He's telling me to stay home and be with my family.
And you know, they are both right!
And we can keep loving and encouraging each other.
That's the way it works!!

All right - off to run and get filled up and dream about the future!!


Saturday, August 18, 2012

...100 posts...

What an adventure!

This is my (drum roll) 100th post!

Started out
thinking this would be

I didn't really know
what blogging was about
what it would be like
if I would enjoy it
if it was worth the time.

I had expectations
of a community
of connection
of processing
of outlet
of sharing.

And I think the adventure has been worth it.

First and foremost, I process when I write.
And be it about the simple things...
the boys,
my family,
my day,
a project,
Or about the deeper things...
conversing with God,
hearing Him talk
life lessons
working though issues.
I have found I enjoy doing that here.
With you.

I still don't have a desire to be about
reaching more people
having more followers
getting more comments.
(though I do get WAY excited when someone does decide to comment - connection!!)

But I do wonder who reads
who scans
if anyone is relating to me
if a subject hits a cord with someone
if a post ever initiates a smile, offers some insight, or opens up some good questions?

So I think the adventure will continue.
I am not an amazing writer.
I am not an amazing photographer
or an amazing organizer
or an amazing foodie or outfitter or hair person.

But I am curious.
I do like to share
to write
to journal
to be a part of something
to hear God work through me
and in me
to link up
to comment
to meet others.

So the adventure continues.
Maybe another 40 days?
Or another 100 posts?


Friday, August 17, 2012

...high 5, wut wut...

ummm.... how come I have been into adding gangsta' lingo to my Friday High 5s?
Who knows.
But I like it!

Its Cray Cray!!

But lets start out our highlights of the week with a
to one of my best friends, Nancy, and her husband Rudwan.

If you haven't read my past couple of posts,
Rudwan was illegally arrested July 3rd, in Sudan, for peacefully protesting
FREEDOM, Women's equality, democracy.
He was arrested on false charges, tortured, beaten unconscious and detained for over 40 days.
And he is now free!!
And will be home in a week or so!!
Thankful he gets to come home, to be with  his wife, and be here for the birth of his daughter next month!
(Can I tell you how thankful I am for America, and am reminded to not take our country foregranted.)

And headed home.
And I will be at the airport in a week or so.
Bawling my eyes out.
When this guy's plane hits the ground in the USA!

2.  My nephew's wedding - and good times with my family whom I love!
3.  I got my plane tickets set for the next wedding, in TEXAS!  (excited for big hair!)
4.  My littlest guy got the tummy bug, but this made the list because it only lasted like 1/2 a day!
5.  Wedge sandals.  These are the highest shoes I've had in my life.  And I love them.



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Thursday, August 16, 2012

...freedom part 2 - great news of Rudwan's release...

And the GREAT news....  Rudwan has been released!!

Just got done hanging with his wifey, one of my best friends Nancy.
She is a month away from delivering their sweet baby.
I can't tell you...

...how full of joy and relief she is!
...how beautifully she beamed!
...how cute her belly is!
...how her faith and trust in God throughout this has been such an inspiration to all!

Thank God for his release, and we will continue praying until he is home in the USA and back together with his little growing family!!  (probably as early as next week!!) 

And you can bet I will be at the airport bawling like a baby when he gets here!!!!!


August 16, 2012 
Dear friends of Sudan Sunrise,
We have just received confirmation that Rudwan Dawod has just been released by the Government of Sudan!  Rudwan is a leader of many of Sudan Sunrise's reconciliation and humanitarian initiatives.
Rudwan was just released approximately one-half hour ago, before midnight Khartoum time.  He is now with his family.  He is reported to be in good condition.  Our understanding is that the NISS is not going to file additional charges, and that Rudwan will be allowed to return to the US soon.  It will take several days for him to get his travel documents in order, but it is possible he could return to the US next week.  If all goes well he will be home in time to be with his wife, Nancy, for the birth of their daughter (named "Sudan").

Rudwan was abducted on July 3, beaten until unconscious, and tortured for several days.  He was charged with terrorism, which could have brought the death penalty.  A media campaign in Sudan accused him of working for the CIA to organize terrorists to bomb Khartoum marketplaces.  On Monday of this week Rudwan was acquitted of all charges, except the minor (and false) charge of "preparing to create a public disturbance."  He was sentenced to time served plus a small fine, around $100 US, which was paid on the spot by his friends.

As the judge announced that Rudwan was free to go, an officer with Sudan's National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) intervened, presenting a document calling for Rudwan's re-arrest.  Observers described the NISS as "very angry" with the court's decision.

Since Monday Rudwan has been held by the NISS, in a location they would not disclose.  Neither his family nor his lawyers were allowed to have contact with him.

The pressure for Rudwan's release may have contributed to the release of many other of the non-violent protestors.  Beginning Monday of this week the Government of Sudan began releasing women who had been detained for participating in the protest movement.  Yesterday more men and women were released, and today Omar al Bashir, the President of Sudan, announced that all political prisoners would be released by the end of the day.  We do not know how many have been released, nor how many remain in custody.

This has been interpreted as a gesture of good will by the Bashir regime to allow protestors to celebrate the Muslim holiday Eid with their families this Saturday.

Many many thanks to everyone who has signed petitions, gotten out the word, prayed and done all you can to advocate for Rudwan's release!

With deep appreciation and best wishes,
Tom Prichard
Executive Director
(202) 499-6984


Arrested without cause?
Family and home ransacked and mistreated with no permission or warrant?
Charged by the Government with whatever they want to discredit?
Judges bribed and threatened?
Gaining freedom only to be recaptured 1 hour later, again by the Government?
Whisked away where no one knows where you are?

This only happens in the movies... right?

This must be an action film, with some famous dude starring, right?

No, this is happening to my friend Rudwan.
He is in Sudan.
His wife is one of my best friends.
She is pregnant with their first child.

He is living this.
She is living this.
This is real.

Thank God for America.

And thank God for people who care.

My friend Nancy worked with me in our Middle School  Youth Group.
When I first met her, I loved her.
But she was such a priss!!
Make up perfect, hair perfect - mandatory!
Over the 10 years I knew her God totally changed her heart.
She went on a missions trip with us to Mexico...
Camping, dirty, outside showers.
She began to love missions.
She began to love Africa.

She finally made a trip to Africa with Sudan Sunrise.
They are a reconciliation firm, who are supporting peace and reconciliation to the nations there.
They are also rebuilding many school destroyed by the wars.
They worked closely with Minute Bol
in his village.

There Nancy met Rudwan!
Her second trip back, they were engaged!
And their love story continues.

He lives here, and is going to school.
She is pregnant with their first baby, a little girl named Sudan.
We know him, we love him.
He loves us.

He went to Sudan to work with a group that peaceably protests
for rights, for democracy, for freedom, for women.

You can read his story here.
Or do a google search and you will find many stories and articles.

this has changed me.
It has changed the way I think of so much.
Of Christians.
Of Muslims.
Of America versus Africa.
Of what is happening "over there."
Of how things big things impact individual people.

It has grown my love for people.
Just because they are people.
It has grown my capacity for compassion.
My understanding of what is going on behind the scenes of news stories.
Yes, my love for people.
For each person.

I think this is getting me closer to loving how God loves.

And I like it.

Please keep Rudwan and Nancy, and their baby girl Sudan, in your prayers.
And pray Rudwan gets home for her birth next month!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Had an amazing run tonight.
Both because it was amazing.
Felt good.  Was painless.  Felt fast (even though I'm not that fast!)
You know the ones!!

But also because often when I run, and especially tonight
I get good time with God.

I find I hear Him clearer.

Maybe because I slow down.
Maybe because 100 other things aren't going down.
Maybe because its my few hours of awake alone time.

But maybe because He just knows I like to run.
And He likes to share it with me!!

I got to trade a lot with Him on this run.
Traded a bunch of exhaustion and fatigue for energy.
Traded a bunch of frustration and excuses for plans and strategies.
And most cool...  traded some pain and sorrow I'd been lugging around
for some oil of gladness
and got filled up with the JOY I didn't realize I'd been missing!!!

That's the cool thing about God.

He knows me. 
He loves me!
And I love nights like tonight, when I really feel it!!

Hope you are all feeling it too!!


Monday, August 13, 2012

...wedding part 2...

...initial pics...
...me on LOOOOOOOOOOOONG drive home...

...wedding wedding weddings...

...First Seattle wedding complete!

Up there, wedding, and back in less than 48 hours.

Pics and thoughts to follow shortly!!

Friday, August 10, 2012

...high five, yo...

Its almost the weekend!

And what a weekend.
Off to Seattle for WEDDING #1.
This is my nephews wedding, and I am not in this one.
Though my oldest son is bearing the rings!!
(His tux is so cute!)

So before the travel/packing/craziness begins...


1.  goofy time with goofy girls!  never get enough!
2.  old friends, for over 30 years *gasp*
3.  reese's pieces, my arch enemy lately
4.  sleeping in!  i got to twice this week!  (once was not on purpose, but what-evs!)
5.  trying on bridesmaid dresses... NOT!

And that is all she wrote!
Now off to pack and plan and primp and play!!

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

...frizzies be gone???...

Keratin hair treatment.


End frizzies.
Kind of reasonably priced.  Kind of.  ($60/treatment every 2 months or so.)
Blow dry faster.
Easier to straighten.
Stay straighter longer.
Still do curly, but less frizzy.
Claims to make hair straighter, shinier, and even healthier.

But there are cons.
I'll list price again.  It is $60 I currently do not spend. 
And making and keeping appointments is on the "cons" side of things. 
And I just googled it... and there are lots of warnings online.
Mostly because it uses formaldehyde.  (Isn't that like for embalming?  Ick.)
And possibly carcinogenic. 

So those last 2 cons maybe should make it a no-brainer big ol' NO?????
But I must confess, here's what is going through my brain....
What isn't carcinogenic, really?
Would my hair dresser recommend it if it was dangerous?
Is it any worse than color?

So it comes down to vanity, as usual.
I am trying to eat clean, be natural, make good choices.
Not religiously or over the top, but when possible.

But I am totally on the fence with this one.

Anyone ever try it?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


What's your motivation????

Question I ask myself as I try to talk myself into going for a run tonight.

I am motivated to stay and hang with the boys.
I am motivated to wuss out.
I am motivated to say, awww I'll do it tomorrow.

So I have to remind myself...
How good it feels after a run.
How nice it is to be free and outside.
How much tomorrows run will be even better because of tonights.

Before a run - its all in the mind.
After a run - the body thanks you!

What's your motivation????

Monday, August 6, 2012

...lose it soooo fast...

So workout
Every day
For weeks on end
Gain some strength
Gain some muscle
Gain endurance
Miss 3 days
Lose it all

Seems unfair!


...girls weekend...

Got to spend the weekend with some fun girls!
One of my bestest friends is getting married and it was her birthday,
so we celebrated it all.

I realized I just love girls weekends.
No  matter what.

It was fun -
a couple girls I've known since 1st grade (well over 30 years!)
a couple I'd only met a few times
and a couple I just met there.

And though we were all different -
backgrounds, ways we knew the Birthday Girl, lifestyles, locations...
we just meshed.

I love that environment -
enough time to really hang and get to know one another
versus like just an evening where you may not have the time.

Lots of laughs.
Lots of memories made.
OF COURSE I took lots of pictures!!....
And we are all really excited for the upcoming wedding!!!!

Friday, August 3, 2012

...high five yo...

---------------HIGH FIVE----------------
highlights of the week, yo.

Yes, there have been several posts on our family pics.
Yes, I still love them.
Yes, this is another one she finished and sent us.

Still having warm fuzzies from 20 year class reunion.
We had 23 people in our graduating class.
Small school fer sure!
And 8 came to our reunion (plus families.)
But was GREAT catching up.

3.  Birthday Month
All 3 of our boys have birthdays this month.
Makes it a FUN yet LONG month!
We celebrated the last one...

This is old news.
But I continue to like it.
That's the sign of a good cut, right!!??
This is actually not a highlight, though this video does make me laugh.
My hubby took this a few weeks ago, when I was leaving for 2 hours.
Now I am leaving for the weekend.
Girls Bachlorette Weekend for one of the weddings I am in later.
You know, its sad that they are sad.
But it sure makes me a better mom to get time away!!
So yay for weekend away, and yay for coming home to these sweeties!!!

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

...i heart summer...

Ok, walking out of store tonight.

I LOVE IT when the temperature outside is either the same or warmer than in the store.

Ahhhh makes me smile, and think "it is SUMMER!!"

It also makes me want to be doing something.... 

Not doing much tonight, but appreciating AUGUST and SUMMER before it speeds by.

Hope you are able to do something fun tonight!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


3 pieces of pizza
40 oz of iced coffee
handful of reeses pieces
late night


anyone else crunch on ice?
so often and so much?
I guess some people do - I looked it up.
It has some name...
Its in a list of a lot of other worse things... eating dirt and detergent and things.
So I should be thankful I just crave ice!
But its not good for my teeth.
And its not good when our ice maker breaks....