Tuesday, July 31, 2012

...what makes something valuable?...

Lots of thoughts on value lately.

My hubby and I are doing a study with a couple.
We both have done the Christian thing our whole lives,
but more from a conceptual-not-life-changing, all based on what you DO, perspective.

The past few years we have been on a journey to find

Just pure love.

Anyways, we are actually in a study right now called Pure Love.
Good stuff - really makes you think.
Whatever your beliefs are...  it raises good questions.

What is love?
What makes you valuable?

Where do you get your value?

From looking good?
From being thin?
From great hair or great clothes?
From comparing yourself to strangers?
From being good at sports/work/something?
From being dedicated to something?
From who you know?
From what people say?

Who defines you?

Your spouse?
That voice in your head?I
(Gosh, sometimes when I stop I hear what is in my head I am shocked!  So negative to myself!)

And lastly, is it possible to REALLY believe and life like
I truly am valuable just because God made made me and loves me.
That it isn't about PERFORMANCE or RELIGION or WHAT I DO or IF I EARN IT.

What would life be like to never compare ourselves?
To get out from the pressure of being "something"?
To be satisfied and happy with who we are?
To not stop living, but to actually really begin living??????

So... just good questions to ponder. 

I am trying to go through these questions in my journal and be REAL with myself. 
To not answer with what I think or wish the answer is,
but to really answer based on what I hear in my head, how I make decisions, how I truly function. 
Because TRUTH is the only way to change, the only way to freedom...

So that's my thoughtful post of the day!!

We'll end on this note:  YOU ARE VALUABLE!  Just for who you are!!  And so am I!

Monday, July 30, 2012

...whats for dinner?...

For a while there
I was on a roll....

I was pre-arranging at least 3 nights out.
Grocery shopping.
And we were eating pretty clean and healthy
with good variety.


I gotta get back in the groove.
I don't want to
sigh every time I realize its dinnertime
and wonder what to make
and wish I had organized something
and spend SO MUCH TIME trying to figure out what to make out of what we already have.

So DINNER PLANNERS out there...
I want to join your ranks.
I just have no passion for it...
Maybe someday.

I gotta find a blogger who is like me...
Like to eat healthy, clean but not fancy.
(Its a fine balance!)
And then I will follow him/her!!

But for now, I gotta go figure out WHAT'S FOR DINNER.

...call me maybe...

Does this song get stuck in anyone else's head?
Holy moly.... 
I am not usually a "pop" music fan, but

a.  its catchy
b.  once you hear it, it goes on and on....

This is my favorite parody though....

The US Olympics swim team did it. 
You should watch it, but let me warn you - you probably will be singing this in your head for a few days!

...watch video here...
And, honestly, it makes me wanna make a music video.
How fun would that be????
My hubby said to make one with the boys and call it "Change me, maybe?"

Saturday, July 28, 2012

...see why I need coffee...

I can honestly say
and my beautiful, crazy life!!

....but days like today remind me why


(...and birthday month is officially over...)

...reunion ruminations...

...in process...


Ok this hit a little too close to home!
I laughed!

Have a great weekend!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

...high 5 for friday...


+ 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 +

I am pretty excited because tonight is my
20 years?
Are you sure?

So once again, my High 5s this week just may have a theme...
this time they may be centered around
ridiculous pictures of people who
really were stylin' back in 1992!!!!
(Just to warn ya!)

1.  Jean Shorts!
Thankful that though the length, pockets and fits may change
jean short never go outta style.
Just wore mine yesterday!

2.  My Sister!
She is always a high 5.
(this was taken sometime in the mid-90s)

3.  MY HAIR.
I am actually not thankful for my hair.
And it is not really a high 5.
But I AM thankful that bigger is coming back....
I can do big hair!
4.  Life Long Friends!
Aren't they the best?
These are 2 of my FAVORITE!!
(This is 1993 - my new haircut is almost this style.  Doh!)

Every year I kind of forget I love iced coffee.
Then mid-summer it comes to mind and I remember....
+ 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 +

...for even more HIGH 5s, check out Lauren's site at From My Grey Desk... 

+ 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 +

Thursday, July 26, 2012


(photo from delicious obsessions, beginners guide
for their great instructions and info - click here)

ITS ALIVE!!!!!!!!


Ummm - ick???

No, actually.
Pretty delish.


Have you tried it?
Really, its good!!
You can buy it at the store, for like $4 a bottle or something.
Do you own science experiments at home at brew it yourself.
For much cheaper.
Like free if you can get a starter growth thing from someone.

What is it?

Its a "culture."
Like yogurt....
(I just like to say that!)

Its supposed to be great for 100s of reasons.
Again, click here if you haven't heard because they have a great site
that has the what/why/hows.

But I started mine 11 days ago!
And I still haven't gotten glass bottles to put it in.
So it may turn into an "adult beverage" soon!

But it looks like it worked!
And I firmly believe
if I can do it.... anyone can!!!!!

Anyone else ever try this stuff?
Drinking it?
Brew it?
Have good tips/advice/recipes??

Wednesday, July 25, 2012



Though my adage since our boys were born has been:
"If it doesn't get broken, its a miracle!"
I still find myself at my wits end.

Combine a too-laid-back mama
with 3 boys who are 5 and under....
and things break.
And break.
And spill.
And tumble.
And mess.
And break some more.

It is really helping me
not be too attached to "things."


Sometimes I still lose it.
Are you kidding me?
Can I have ONE pair of sunglasses that don't get a side wrenched off?
One picture frame that doesn't have a crack?
One necklace that isn't broken,
one PAIR of earrings that are still together,
one pen that is where its supposed to be when I need one?

I know its a combination...
Me - need to be more diligent.
Them - are just the age they are!

My new yellow glasses?
That I hid in such a secret place when I bought them
to protect them...
and then I promptly forgot about them...
until I found them today...
on the floor...
with only one handle.
 (or ear piece or whatever you call it)

And all I have to say is:

and now I will move on!

(Gotta go anyway...
Jaxi just stuck a feather duster feather
in the fan
and its now making weird noises....)


Monday, July 23, 2012

...buzz be gone...

About twice a year
we get a buncha flies in the house.
Those circling type
that buzz around and around.
Sicks me out.
Usually I chase them all day and try to squish/vacuum/kill them.
But the trick is to wait until night.
They get all lazy and shut down I guess, and are easy targets.
I put my hubby on the hunt...
He usually gets the majority
and problem is solved.
So gross though.
Flies, flies, go away!

Saw on pinterest something about
hanging ziplock bag in doorways?
I'm gonna have to try it.
O, just saw a lot of people say to add pennies too.
What the hey!!

Any other fly remedies????

...Family Pics... for reals....

To wrap up the Family Pic saga


And all that effort for this one pic is worth it to me!
All of us
In one place
(though there will be more - this is just the teaser she sent!)

I love this photo
It captured "US"
This moment
This season
This time

And I will have it forever!

Thanks to Jeanine at RhodeWork Photography
The boys LOVED her on sight!!
(We did too!)

Family Photo?  CHECK!!!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

...family pics...NOT...

we had family pics scheduled.

I gave myself 3 hours
to get outfits together
for me + hubby + 3 little boys
and do my hair
and wash the boys

Needless to say
I was gonna be late
I was rushing
I couldn't find 1 shoe
I couldn't find hubby's shirt
I couldn't decide what to wear
I wasn't gonna have time to do my hair
I was hollering at the boys
(Who were in fine form... they save stuff until I'm in a hurry I swear!)

At 25 minutes past the time I was supposed to leave the house
When I was sweating and just starting to curse

My husband called.

And the photographer had gotten totally sick
And our pics were canceled.

Thank you Jesus!

The boys were kinda sad
They had been looking forward to it.

So we took our own family pics....

Captured "US" huh??!!

We are fam-i-ly!!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

...shave it...

I wish bald was the style.

Why not?

Its green...
saves on water
saves on chemicals
dye, shampoo, conditioner, straighter, etc

It would provide cool canvas for cool tattoos

Anyone who sadly had to go through chemo or medication
would have one less shock to deal with
(and I don't say this part flippantly...)

It would save oodles of time

Hairdressers could still be employed
as maintenance of a shaved head is not as easy as you might guess

We would all save oodles of money

We could all see what fun bumps and lumps were on our heads

No more lice checks in schools
(doesn't that make your head itch just to read it?)

I just don't see a downside
if we all do it at once.

I say lets do it!
Who's with me???!!!!!!

(On that note - I just got a haircut.
First one in like a year.
I'm not so good at the appointment thing in this season.
But I like it.
Shorter than usual.
Gotta practice.
Bald maybe next time?

New hair!
I can't take a serious pic....
and I like that I have no nose here!

p.s.  I feel the same way about clothes.  If we all quit wearing them at once, the big deal would be gone.  But that one is way more complicated and I probably don't really mean it, so I'll leave that for another post!

Friday, July 20, 2012


Highlights for this week??
Too many to count.
And yes, they all have to do with my kiddos!
They all have birthdays this month,
so I am "kid focused" even more than usual!!

1.  We went to a local swim park.
So fun.
Plus love the look of...errrr...
on my oldest kiddos face on his 1st trip to the slide!

2.  Moments.
Loving capturing moments with my 3 boys.

3.  Cousins!
Growing up I had my brother and sister
but all our cousins were a lot older or a lot younger.
Love that my boys have a pile of cousins their age!

My boys are up for anything.
Climbing dunes was our latest adventures,
on the Oregon Coast.
So fun.

5.  HUGS.
I asked my oldest what we should get the other brothers for their b-days.
He said, "Warm hugs?"
I said... "Perfect!!"

All right - well, that is my high 5s from this week!
Check out Lauren's blog to see 100s of other people highlights.

...family pictures...yikes...


All these years
Super cute kiddos
Hot hubby...

And we've never gotten family pics?

Well, I guess we have.
When our 1st was born,
we had a pic with my hubby, me and the lil' guy.

But that was almost SIX years ago.

So we're doing them tonight.

Praying they turn out great.

But mostly just know I will love them later
and be so happy we had them!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

...birthday month...

yes, its a month of birthdays!

all 3 boys
born in July...

and cray-zay!!

luckily, from no planning on our part, they are evenly spaced
the beginning, the middle, and the end of the month

they are just at the age
to be too old to share

a special day for each

2 down, 1 to go

yay for celebrating my sweet boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

...speaking of weddings...

Sooooo did I mention this is a summer of weddings??

And I have been BLESSED and am so excited
to play a different role in all three.

The first
my oldest son will be the ring bearer.

The other two
I will get to be part of the wedding party.

I am so happy for the my friends
And their futures
And this day
And its all about them!

But I finding I have to remind myself of that.

Instead of getting consumed with...

What will I wear?
How can I lose 20 lbs in 3 weeks?
Why didn't I start diet sooner?
Will they have someone to do my hair?
How about wedding make up?
What will I look like in the pictures?

Yep, its true.
Yuck huh???

Its not about me.
But I am finding I have to work.
For some reason this
attitude keeps sneaking up on me.

Its like brides-maid-zilla!!

But I will tame that thing.
I will keep my mind and prayers focused on their big day.
On getting to be a part of their history.
On getting to pray and speak into the start of their marriage.
On being a

And I will succeed.
And if my hair looks funny
Or I look frumpy in pictures...
I will get to a point where I can say

Who cares?

And it will not rob my joy!!
Or take my focus from the important.

Enough said!!

Yay for weddings!!

(now I just have to figure out what to wear!)

Monday, July 16, 2012

...o my summer...

My hearts cry today.....

(but please slow down!!)

Here in Oregon we wait 9-10 months to enjoy our sunshine.
It is here!!!!!
And it is zipping by!!

We are trying to enjoy every moment.
Being outside.

Isn't summer the best?
Walking out of a store at night, and its not colder outside than inside.
Vitamin D making us all happy campers.
No school/schedule for kiddos.
And best of all....
(which also means much less frizzier hair!)

I can't think of a downside of summer.
Except it goes so fast.

If I didn't live in this climate,
would I appreciate the sun so?
Would we strive to live EVERY MOMENT to the fullest while it lasts?

I don't know.

But I do know
even though I've lived my whole life here...

I still whine about the weather.

But not today!!

But go slowly!!

Thanks for being here.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

...dear coffee...

Dear coffee,

We gotta talk.

You are no good for  me.  We need to split ways. 

I rely on you.  You get me through the day.  But its not healthy. 

So we gotta break up.

...But know I love you.

I love your aroma.  I love the taste.  I love you black, mixed with chai, with a dash of cream, and especially with steamed breve.

I love your color.  The warm mug in my hand.  Sipping you through a straw.

I love the habit of driving through, ordering, and receiving you as a partner to go with me where ever I am headed.

In my life of little ones, you are my moment of "me me me!!!!"

I love that I know baristas all over town - I consider them great friends.
Hey, they know my drink, my kids' names, and where I am headed.  If you can't find me, pull into the nearest coffee shop....  see how cold my trail is!

Mmmm - I am imagining you right now.

You are wonderful.

So wonderful.

Ok, so maybe this isn't it.  Maybe this isn't The End. 

I don't know if I can let go. 

Maybe we can still be friends??????

(darn you, coffee.  why are you so good to me?)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

...peer pressure...

peer pressure
last minute stress

bad things?

yes, probably

but if it works...
what am I gonna do??

been focusing on the house.
getting inspired online.

and actually doing

until finally someone is coming over.

flylady.net crisis cleaning

And my house is clean!
Clean-er than its been in AGES.

I had someone over!

And they are coming once a week.

Hey - if it takes peer pressure to motivate me
Than lets do it!

(also doing a coolio Bible/life study with this couple....
so soul and house getting addressed.)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

...#1-drink coffee #2-do good...

That's my "to do" list!

1.  Drink Coffee.
2.  Do good.

Ok, that's not my list.  My list is not written down.
But if it were
I don't know if there's enough pages to hold it.

How discouraging eh?

But dwelling on the list is not what life is about.

Dwelling on what needs to be done that isn't
sucks life
adds stress
is overwhelming

So there's gotta be a balance right??!!

Drink coffee.  Do good.  Enjoy the NOW.  And get some stuff done.

So off to do that... hope you are too!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

...high 5 for friday...

Its Friday
Its Friday

...what a week...

1.  My middle son turned the big #4.
He is such a JOY.
2.  The 4th of July was a blast!
So thankful for our country and our freedom.
And my friends and fam!

3.  Friendship Fountain Fireworks.
And my cheesy hubby and his bro, yucking it up.
Good times!
4.  Thankful for running!
This week I've already gotten to go on 3 runs, and will get 2 more in.
Yay long sunny days!
(this is me being silly on a bike ride we did by the Trials)
5.  The sunshine has finally arrived in Oregon!!!

Well, there are my high 5s from this week!
To add yours and read many others
go to From My Grey Desk and link up!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

...July 4...

Happy happy 4th of July!!

Thanks for FREEDOM.
For all who have fought, worked for, and enjoy it.
Yay for the USA!!

And yay for fireworks, good eats, bbqs,
and the excuse to get together and enjoy
said freedom!!

Hope all enjoyed their day.
We sure did!!

Well, some of us weren't fans of the noise!
Quote of the day, from son on the way home:
"Fireworks are so fun.... but I sure don't like 'em."

Happy 4th!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

...three boys...

So, my hubby and I are obviously not planners! 
Or maybe, not planning was our plan?

We got engaged in 2004.
Married 2005.
Baby #1 got to enjoy our first anniversary with us - arriving July, 2006.
Baby #2 came in July, 2008.
And Babes #3 shows up right on time.... July 2009.

Sept 25, 2005
Yes, the last were just over a year apart.
That was not on purpose.
Actually, I was working out and eating right...
And by like November I was SO frustrated.
I swore my belly and body were going the wrong way.
Bigger instead of smaller.
Finally got wise and took a preggers test.
Yep, baby on the way.
Good thing I'd been eating right - said baby was already over 4 months old!

Don't judge.

Anyways, the point of all this...
God's plan is GOOD!!

Though we had little to do with the shape and size of our family
(well, obviously we had a little do to with it!!)
It is perfect for us.

But I love it.

And you know, there's things to be said about having
of boys.

That's what got me thinking this morning.
Its summer.
No schedule.
Though we see others, a lot of times its us at home.
And they just play.

And play.

And play!

And yes, fight.
And squabble.
And hit.
And argue.

But hours and hours of playing.
Of imagination.
Of fun.
With their brothers.

I wouldn't want it any other way!!

Love these goofies!!